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Honey Stix
50 ct. Variety Pack Honey Straws
50 ct. Variety Pack Honey Straws
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Product Description
To open them, just bite or pinch the heat seal at one end, and then squeeze the honey into your mouth or in your favorite beverage. Honey straws are a great energy boost.

100% Pure honey with a natural extract flavoring makes this a perfect quick energy snack. Delicious added to Coffee or Tea.

Each stix holds 1 tsp (5 grams) of delicious liquid.

Each HoneyStix is 15 calories. The stix are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union

All stix are naturally colored and flavored.

Contains each of the following flavors watermelon, peach, caramel, cinnamon, blackberry, sour cherry, lime, lemon, sour apple, sour cherry, sour grape, mango

Honey Fact: Honey is mentioned in the bible 61 times.

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