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Mango Creamy Honey
Mango Creamy Honey
Mango Creamy Honey
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Product Description
Available in 12oz. Glass Hex Jar or 16 oz. Jar

This honey is such a favorite! We take raw creamy honey and blend in an all natural mango extract resulting in a taste of heaven! Spread on a hot biscuit, use in a hot drink or add to a smoothie. Marinade a chicken breast add to a white rice. The ways to enjoy this wonderful honey is simply endless. Note:You can save money on shipping by purchasing 3+ jars of honey. We do flat rate shipping with USPS. Medium size flat rate $12 holds 3-6 jars Large $18 6-12 Jars. Charges will be billed and adjusted at shipping time. We also ask that you leave your 3 digit credit card security code in the notes section. As they still have not fixed that issue on our website. Thanks.