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Spicy Honey 12 oz. Hexagon Jar
Spicy Honey
Spicy Honey
Item#: Spicy12oz
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Product Description
Spicy Honey by Holy Honey "A blessing in every jar".

Voted favorite honey in our house!

Available in 12 ounce hexagon jar only.

We take a pure raw unfiltered wildflower honey and infuse Red Chile & Cayenne Peppers creating a delicious blend of spicy sweetness resulting in a pure deliciousness.

This is so good on a hot biscuit, cornbread, fried chicken, corn on the cob and so much more. It is not overly hot just spicy with a slight kick from the cayenne at the end. Delicious with cream cheese and crackers.

On the back of every honey jar we list all ingredients and nutritional information along with Information on the Bible & Honey. Honey was frequently mentioned in the bible. It was referred to as a wholesome food, a helpful medicine, an ingredient of delicious drinks,an appropriate gift and a valued possession. No wonder the Psalmist David used it to describe God's word. (Psalm 119:103). John the baptist survived on it (Matthew 3:1-4). It was also the first food Jesus ate after his resurrection (Luke 24:41-43). If it's good enough for Him, it's good enough for us!

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All of our honey's are made by our bees and packaged in our licensed food facility.